Discover the Founders - Grant Moulton
Grant served as the principal architect for several high speed backplanes at Cisco. He was a key member of the early start-up engineering teams for Next Level Communications and Cerent. During his career, Grant served as hardware architect of both new designs and upgrades to existing test, measurement and communications systems. These designs cut cost, increased speed, reduced bit errors or lowered noise by orders of magnitude, in each case prolonging the useful life of the systems in question or providing similar advantages versus previous equipment or competitive products.

For example Grant’s work on the low noise oscillators at HP reduced phase noise by 20 dB at the critical 10 kHz offset, while reducing cost. His Cisco backplane redesign reduced bit error rates by at least three orders of magnitude (before error correction). His innovative new system architecture redesign for Cisco increased the electrical interface capacity dramatically, while coming in at 1/10th of the originally proposed investment of a replacement project.

At various points in his career, Grant led multiple teams of from 5 to 20 engineers, both in designing and supporting the manufacturing of Test and Communication Equipment. He has served as a consultant on a diverse set of projects. Grant has published multiple articles and papers. He has been involved in engineering since he was old enough to plug a tube into a socket (he fixed his first TV in second grade), and started getting paid for it in 1977. For his master’s degree project Grant developed a voice controlled wheelchair. He holds a BSEE from the University of Utah, and an MEEE from Brigham Young University.

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